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TOPIC: Alamat Laboratorium Parahita di Surabaya

Alamat Laboratorium Parahita di Surabaya #62

Alamat Laboratorium Parahita di Surabaya :

Jl. Dharmawangsa No. 66/70 Surabaya Kode Pos 60286
Telp. (031) 5020552 (Hunting), 5020081, 5013705-6
Fax. (031) 5032676

Jl. Raya Mulyosari 103 A
Telp. (031) 5934941 (Hunting), 5911365
Fax. (031) 5911369

Service & Produk PARAHITA
Laboratorium Klinik
Biomolekular (PCR)
Ultra Sono Graphy (USG)
USG Jantung (ECHO)
Echo Cardio Graphy (ECG)
Enchepalo Electro Graphy (EEG)
X-RAY (Kontras & Polos)
Bone Densitometry
Audiometry & Tymphanometry
Autospirometry (Faal Paro)
Panoramic & Dental
Layanan Konsultasi Dokter Hiperkes & K3
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